Eaton (Park Life)

The life of my local and 2nd favourite park, after Brockwell, Eaton, in West Norwich. Shot over a calendar year, this rolls with the times and shows in the present climate, the invaluable nature of these very special places.

Glastonbury – off site

As a regular to Glastonbury I have been recording the festival for years, here is a series of portraits of the Stay Behinds, those who for various reasons, do not leave as the festival closes.

Paint Lids

These images have been created form paint lids that have been left open, or where the paint has dried as the lid is discarded.

Football till I die

I have now been documenting the people around this growing sport in Norfolk, and on the international circuit of events. It has grown enormously with over 50,000 participants in the UK. This work is part of a deeper project on retirement that I am working on.

Indecisive Moment

In these pictures explore the discrepancy between relationships expressed by a formal group picture, and those expressed by a picture taken either a few seconds before or afterwards. Showing only the disintegrated ‘twin’ of the formal image

Tblisi 1991

A random visit to Tblisi in the fall of 1991 led to some fraught encounters, some ducking and diving, and some vodka fueled mornings – and streets asking to be photographed.

Glastonbury Festival Colour

As we moved into the digital years, here is my collection of images now in shiny colour.

Glastonbury Festival Monochrome

I have been a regular at the Glastonbury Festival – now the UK’s largest outdoor performing arts event – since […]


In this collection, I have looked at the graphic nature of Sports Halls markings. As many sports overlay and complete for the floor space, markings that create interactions and patterns. Abstractions that create a flat form of lines and colour.

Forever England

This project takes the mould of a classic social documentary, exploring the home and working lives of people living in a single community – but here those people are all less than four inches high. Documenting the inhabitants of Bekonscot Model Village

Sports Balls

This set of images represent a deliberate attempt to go beyond the practice of simply relocating objects, attempting to do something more to alter the status of the balls, as well as document the clues they present about their individual histories.