Glastonbury: black and white

I’ve been to the Glastonbury Festival – now the UK’s largest outdoor performing arts event – every year since the early 1990s. I started out in the Press pit taking pictures of bands, but became increasingly interested in the more spontaneous side of the festival. Documenting the everyday life of what is effectively a makeshift city, these black and white images show us individual experiences played out against a backdrop dominated by fields of canvas, indifferent skies and expanses of trademark Glastonbury mud.

A selection of Glastonbury photography from 1992 – 2023  will be published by ACC artbooks in June 2024. link to Book sheet:

Martin Parr:

“There are many books about the music scene but few that show punters in all their beautiful variety. Liam Bailey’s long-term documentation has really paid off – this book about the craziness of Glastonbury Festival is terrific”