I’m an experienced professional photographer whose commissioned work focuses on shooting creative and natural-looking images of people, mainly for clients in the business and industrial sectors. Shot mainly on location but sometimes in the studio, my pictures are used to illustrate websites, branding toolkits, adverts, external and internal communications, and marketing and sales materials. Commissions often involve having to shoot not only portraits but also documentary images and details that illustrate a particular working environment – whether that place is a laboratory, a shipyard or a FTSE 100 boardroom. I’m genuinely interested in other people, and consistently get good results from staff working in a range of contexts, and at all levels. I regularly take pictures in both the UK and internationally, and am confident shooting with limited time, in more challenging conditions, and with or without direction. My aim with any job is always to produce images that not only offer a creative interpretation of the brief but also realise the client’s strategic objectives.

I also produce personal work, some of which ends up in exhibitions and, occasionally, a book. As with the commissioned work, these projects tend to focus on people, but not exclusively. I often find myself drawn to communities and collections, whether of ageing footballers, vintage stamps or the miniature inhabitants of the UK’s oldest model village; sports, colour and graphic detail are also common themes. Having started off as a documentary photographer, I’ve remained interested in shooting ‘real life’, but always, I hope, with a friendly eye.


I recently worked with Liam on an executive committee shoot for BBC Worldwide (the main commercial arm of the BBC). On the day of the shoot itself, time was tight, so Liam had to really take control. He made each member of the committee feel totally at ease, and got the job done with speed, energy and good humour. The end result was a set of images that made the members of the committee look really dynamic – and the client was absolutely over the moon. To sum up: Liam was a pleasure to work with, was full of ideas and did a fantastic job.

Steve Hickson
Creative Director, Fleishmanhillard

Anyone who has had to do a 'board shoot' knows that at best they are tricky. So when you are trying to do something a little more exciting than a team line up you need to be working with someone who knows what they are doing and can read the room. Happily, Liam is not only a stunning photographer but has the sense to prepare and time the sessions so you get the shot in a stress-free and efficient manner.

Peter Chodel
Executive Creative Director, Addison Group

Liam responds well to a brief but also adds in his own artistic flair and personality. I was very impressed with the number and quality of useable images that came out of the two photo shoots I've commissioned from him. Liam has a great personality, making the client and the person he is shooting very at ease. Nothing phased Liam and he adapted well to shooting in the locations we had. He was a pleasure to work with.

Lynn Jones
Art Director, Wardour

In describing Liam I would use the term 'consummate professional’. He is complete in every detail of his work. He listens to the brief then helps you develop and improve upon it. His shoots are very well managed and his interaction with the client and subject make for a creative, inclusive and rewarding process. And the results are always brilliant.

Scott Poulson
Design Director, SpecialDesignStudio

We have engaged Liam’s services for a few years now, and he consistently demonstrates a strong understanding of the various briefs we give him. His sense of humour and laid-back approach help him build rapport with all our staff, so we get a great shot of every member of the team, without exception.

Emma Sell
Practice Manager, Brahams Dutt Badrick French LLP