Glastonbury 2024

So, this was my big year, my 25th visit to Glastonbury, and what a year it has turned out to […]

Still in the game – reportage and snapshots

If you adapt the rules slightly, competitive football can be played by people even into their 80s – these images document the players who are gaining huge benefits from a regular dose of Walking Football. These images are part of an ongoing photographic study of the genre from Liam Bailey

Still in the game – final portraits

The men in the images have re-connected by playing walking football, and the work looks to create a new identity round the players using symbols as a way of elevating their status, which in recent times has felt to them diminished.

Hello, Old Sport

A set of carefully lit portraits that aim to restore dignity to a ball or other found item of sports equipment, each of which has been battered by a long life of service.

Patterns of Play

A collection of images that exploit the graphic potential of the floor markings in sports halls: the straight and swooping lines that tussle daily for the dominance of basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.

The Lost City Hydrothermal Field

An international team of scientists has discovered a new hydrothermal field near the Gigante Seamount in the Azores, a rare […]

Forever England

This project takes the mould of a classic social documentary, exploring the homes and working lives of people in a single community – but here those people are all less than four inches high.

Glastonbury: colour

I’ve been documenting the Glastonbury Festival every year since I was in my early 20s – this is a collection of more-recent documentary shots in colour which will be part of the Book project, “Mud, sweat and cheers” to be published in 2024

The Indecisive Moment

An exploration of the often marked discrepancy between the way groups of people at weddings present themselves for The Album Pictures and how they appear only a few seconds before or afterwards.

The Stay Behinds

A series of portraits of the people whose jobs – as breakers, pickers, counsellors, security guards, etc. – keep them at the Glastonbury Festival once the festival-goers have left.

Up The Park

Shot over a calendar year, this set of images documents the life of Eaton Park, a local green space in the west of Norwich.

Glastonbury: black and white

These monochrome images were mostly taken back in the early 90’s and Noughties at the Glastonbury Festival.

Paint Lids

Images of the desiccated inside surfaces of lids of paint lids – the dried-out results of discarded tins or those poorly stored by negligent DIYers.

Tbilisi 1991 – Walking the line

Sent to Georgia on commission to cover a fun international event, I was taking pictures of the everyday life of the capital city when politically things suddenly got serious.