Still in the game – reportage and snapshots

Walking Football is a sport that’s now played by over 50,000 people in the UK. A form of football adapted to better suit the over 50’s, it’s a game that helps avoid the torn hamstrings and done-in backs of players over-reaching themselves in Super Vets leagues, and gives a lot of pleasure to people who can’t let go of a sport they’ve loved since childhood. I first came across Walking Football as part of a rehab programme following an operation. To me, a dedicated football fan with a very stiff knee, it sounded slightly odd but a laugh; I was right on both counts, and soon found myself playing twice a week. I started to take pictures of my team – both at home in Norwich and on tour abroad – as part of a larger personal photography project that now forms the basis for a Masters project and is a finalist in the 2022 AOP Open Awards – Series.

From theGuardian