Liberty RE

New Advertising campaign for Liberty RE, special markets with Chromatic. See the video of the making of the campaign by clicking the play button above.

Zopa Fintech

Zopa offer award-winning loans and investment products.  which have helped over 300,000 people in the UK. As pioneers in finance technology and P2P lending, Zopa are now working on bringing a next generation bank to the UK.

I was hired to help furnish the new recruitment portal and convey visually that Zopa is the best place to work in the UK Fintech sector.

Not not a standard finance company, they are more creative and relaxed. With a great office which overlooks the Thames in London Bridge.

Fidelity Investments Stills

Stills images taken alongside the motion portraits at Fidelity London and Hong Kong


For this set of images shot for Prudential's annual report, FHF art-directed a creative take on the executive portrait. Shooting in the company's offices in London, I used single-source lighting on subjects sat in profile to produce a set of images that aimed at being classic and authoritative yet relaxed.

ING Investment banking

This set of images was shot in 2008, at a time when the banking industry was sailing in very choppy waters. Taken on ING's London trading floor, the pictures were commissioned to illustrate a feature in the bank's internal staff magazine about stress management and the resources the company could offer employees experiencing difficulties at work.


For this set of branding images illustrating HSBC's executive staff, I had to create an ad hoc studio at the bank's London headquarters in Canary Wharf. Shot within extremely tight time slots, each portrait was designed to fit seamlessly into one of a set of background images taken in different offices round London.

Bank of London and the Middle East

Bank of London and the Middle East is the largest Islamic bank operating in Europe. To add a sense of place to their branding toolkit, BLME asked for striking shots of iconic architectural elements in both London and Dublin – work that required a significant amount of preparation in terms of obtaining shooting permits.

Aspen Insurance

A global reinsurance company, Aspen wanted a stylised look for a set of staff and executive portraits it could use for branding materials. The logistical challenge was to make this look consistent when shooting in the US, Bermuda and nine different locations, constructing the same set and producing the same lighting balance in each location.