Be the Business - Britain at work

These images are a set of contextual portraits and group images to help promote Be The Business, a government initiative that aims to increase the productivity of Britain's SME's. A wide range of shoots have taken me from a macaroon-makers in Telford to a fish & chip shop in Falmouth – all with an emphasis on communicating a sense of authentic working lives.

Keller Group

Keller Group, the world's largest ground engineering specialists, wanted to develop their corporate image library. Shot in the US, Germany and the UK, this set of documentary-style images aimed at capturing not only the scale and complexity of the company's operational work but also the personalities of their workforce. Both platforms and harnesses helped me get really close to the action.

Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Hikma manufacture brand and non-branded generic medicines for the global market. Shot in both Germany and at the company's original base in Jordan, these images documented a variety of operational and manufacturing environments for Hikma's annual report.


Bunzl is an international distribution group that specialises in personal protection and barrier equipment. The company operates a broad range of specific sub-businesses – such as clothing to help protect fire fighters – so the images had to express diversity while still managing to look coherent. Scenarios featuring real-life usage of products were shot in locations as diverse as Brazil and Denmark.

BBA Aviation

Shot in locations around Europe for BBA's annual report, these images all document objects or parts of objects that play a role in keeping a plane in the air. The brief was to produce a striking and consistent set of images that could each be treated as an effective cut-out, with type filling the negative space left around its margins.


A global leader in the manufacture of paints and coatings, AzkoNobel needed a set of images to accompany a corporate video. Shot on location in the dry docks of Dubai, these pictures document a spraying team working against extremes: of heat, of scale and of logistical difficulty. Operating safely in this environment, and around a moving-image team, was a challenge.