Glastonbury 23

My take on the 2023 Glastonbury festival

January 22 - Evoke

This image set I have put together looks at the power of the picture to evoke and stimulate, to communicate an emotion or feeling.
Since Covid I have been training my mind to recognize smells again, in the same way restrictions on our expression in the last two years may need a visual re-train, to remind us what is out there. Here are some evocative images for you to chew on. Perhaps even taste!

21 for 21

So, here are my favourite twenty one pictures I took from 2021, thanks for all the commissions, from a great bunch of nuanced clients, much appreciated.
Merry Christmas, Liam

Human Capital

Complementary AI, machine learning, quantum computing, artificial neural networks, are at present complementary,
The investable future is complex, So, I prefer to shoot humans, long may it last.
Click image above to see some of my recent people images from various organisations.

Be the Business - Britain at work

These images are a set of contextual portraits and group images to help promote Be The Business, a government initiative that aims to increase the productivity of Britain's SME's. A wide range of shoots have taken me from a macaroon-makers in Telford to a fish & chip shop in Falmouth – all with an emphasis on communicating a sense of authentic working lives.

Capital people

I shot a series of quick-fire contextual portraits in South London, with each completed in ten minutes or less (one while waiting for the lights to change). Taken with an eye on finding interesting and diverse subjects, these pictures were live-streamed into a pop-up gallery in Soho to support the launch of a new whiskey brand. Sexton

Thinking space

On any job, I always try and create 'think ahead' images – shooting in careful anticipation of how something could be given a particular treatment in layout. This means maintaining an awareness of the graphic potential of picture elements – strong shapes, lines and contrasts – as well as allowing plenty of space to facilitate text overlays and flexible cropping.

Black and White portraits

A selection of Monochromatic portraits from various editorial and corporate commissions.

Strutt & Parker

These images were commissioned for a feature on employees for estate agent and property consultant Strutt & Parker's quarterly magazine. Shot in the company's London offices they were designed to support a series of profiles that helped explain the different roles in S&P's business, so subjects ranged from members of the board to junior staff.

Oxford Study Courses

Oxford Study Courses is the world's leading provider of revision books and courses, as well as summer courses for students taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. For this set of images for use in the press and online, I had to try and communicate the experience of being a participant on one of the OSC courses hosted by Oxford University.